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We believe there is a line between
what’s good and what’s exceptional.​

We were born beyond
that line.​

We are continuously appraising each process to
achieve transformational results.​

We rethink each case, breaking the status quo.

We have a clear vision of the future and,
to achieve this, we are constantly evolving ​
and renewing ourselves.​

Good is not enough for us we always keep pushing
until we achieve excellence.​

We are driven by tireless responsibility
in each one of our projects,
rethinking each case with a rigorous methodology to achieve precise,
clear, understandable, and executable solutions.​

Creativity is one of our greatest tools and we believe
it is the right way to achieve extraordinary outcomes.​

Every day, we commit ourselves to live beyond that line,
with the inspiration of our team
and the love for our work.​


Our team members are driven by an unrelenting responsibility for each project, rethinking each case to arrive at precise, clear, understandable, and executable solutions.

I have the power to choose the actions I take in
any situation, and I take unconditional responsibility for them.

I possess the judgment necessary to understand client needs
and propose timely solutions, delivering beyond expectations.

I am meticulous with our Creative Work Model.

I have a genuine interest in rigorously learning and researching
what is critical for business development.

I act in accordance with the formulated common objective.

I feel enthusiasm for the work and for Chalela Abogados.

Pro Bono

We firmly believe that to go beyond the line, we must give back and help those in need. This program has two main objectives:


To assist individuals who lack resources but need advice and someone to trust in legal matters.


To support entrepreneurs who require specialized advice on corporate governance, contract negotiation, round ventures, sponsorships, and more.